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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What's for Dinner, Mamma?

Well, nothing too exciting for dinner over here tonight. Bizy Pappa is working late at the store, so the Minis 'n Mamma just did some fridge/freezer emptying...leftover Flatbread Pizza from Uno's for me (lobster, goat cheese, spinach, plum tomatoes - yum!) and the last of a bag of chicken nuggets along with some SCRUMPTIOUS black grapes for the girls.

Why is it these simple (and not to Mamma's taste) dinners get gobbled right down? At any rate, the clean plate club called for some yummy treats as a reward. Can you say comfort/naughty/yummy/sweetness goodies?

I pulled out my tried, true, and HEARTILY tested old family stand-by... Chocolate Chip Blonde Brownies. Otherwise known as blondies to most of the world. But for my fam the long name has always served well. I've tweaked it a bit from the original I'm sure. I don't really even know if I have it written down anywhere else, but am going to try scribble it down for you to sample in your family.

1/3 cup (5 'n 1/3 Tbsp) butter... no substitutes work as well for this one... melted
add 1 cup packed dark brown sugar (can use light I'm sure, I just like the flavor better when I use dark; the light stuff to me is just a little thicker version of white sugar that doesn't have that full bodied, caramel-y taste - but I digress)

Take it off the heat and let it cool a little so as not to cook the egg.
Oh, that's what's next -
Add one egg. I'm betting once upon a time the recipe said to first whisk the egg and then add it. But I don't bother with those extra steps.
And one Tsp vanilla (I really just mostly splash mine in, so it may end up being a bit more than a teaspoon - but when I use good vanilla extract I don't need anymore than a teaspoon for really good flavor)

Once that's mixed well, add one cup of flour.
I am certain my recipe once upon a time said to do the "right" thing by first mixing the flour with the salt, baking powder and baking soda (1 tsp each) and then gradually adding the dry ingredients. However, I've long since given up such proper niceties and just toss in the flour all at once, top it with the salt, powder, soda and then mix it all up. Believe me, my blondies are none the worse for it and disappear just as quickly.

At any rate, my way or yours, get those dry ingredients in there and mixed in and then sprinkle (liberally if you're at my house - but to your own taste) semi-sweet (or your favorite) chocolate chips over the whole thing. Well, I suppose you have to put it in a baking dish first. Mine almost always goes in my small round stoneware baker. You can do a double batch (and I have) and land it in something like a 9x13 dish or the larger round stoneware baker, but you're better off doing it times two in separate pans. It just doesn't bake as nicely in such a large quantity. You can put it in an 8x8 square or even 9x9 (just thinner bars).

Then bake at about 375 degrees for about 20-25 minutes. Yummo!

Also works great (and especially when warm!) as the bottom of a (wishfully calorie free of course) Sundae... just top with some ice cream and chocolate sauce or hot fudge... or butterscotch or caramel. You see the possibilities.

Hmmm, I REALLY need to consider weight watchers...

I'd LOVE to hear from you and your ancient family (not so) secrets.

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