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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Diving In

Ok, I'm doing it. I'm scared and shakin' in my boots, but I'm going to close my eyes, hang on tight, and enter the blogosphere... did I even spell that right? Forgive my beginner's foibles. I'm excited to learn how to do this and have an outlet for the craziness that lives currently only in my head.

My primary function here is to learn from you and your kitchen successes (and maybe some of your non-successes should you choose to share). C'mon, I know you've got them. My frustrations as of late have to do with organizing my kitchen cupboards in my currently limited space, and getting my two beautiful Minis to eat their veggies. SIGH... I hear there are ways to hide them and get them down their pretty little gullets... I have yet to find a way to hide from L the fact that she is eating veggies... no matter how small. She is DEFINITELY not color blind like Pappa D. No way. No how. She can spot a green speck from about 3 stories up.

Ok, back to work - let's face it, I haven't gotten to the point yet where I can support me, Pappa D and the two Minis with just my blogging... is that expecting too much? Isn't that how it goes? Open blog, money rolls in? Maybe I'm not doing it right...

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