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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Kitchen and the Cobwebs

Wow - I've been a slacker here lately. Both blog-wise and kitchen-wise. It was one of those crazy busy weekends. You know the ones - as they are happening I look forward with much anticipation to the fact that my Minis are going to sleep like STONES (or stoners or like they are stoned) at the end of it. What I forget is that keeping THEM busy keeps MAMMA busy. And I have NOT the stamina and energy that they have. Why is that? Shouldn't the Mamma be given an infusion of energy when she procreates to keep up with the procreatee? (Is that a word? Pro-create-ee... hmmm, doesn't work with an extra "e" either). Google it.

At any rate, littlest Mini has a new phrase that might give you some insight into my kitchen as of late...
"Moobie?"  "Peet-za??" (for those who don't speak baby Japanese - that's pizza and a movie.)

That's about the size of it. And tonight I think we're looking at my version of hamburger (the venison version) helper-ish. Tomorrow back to life as we know it. Except, let's face it, movies, pizza, and deerburger helper IS life as WE know it.
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