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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Equal Rights - Who Me?

I admit it. Some days I just can't manage to get myself into the kitchen and get it done for dinner. I am a HUGE advocate of freezer cooking, cook once serve twice, and making ziploc meals to toss in the crock pot at the start of the day to have ready at dinner time with little effort.


Some days, let's face it girls, having to remember to open the freezer, plug in the crock pot and turn it on is too much. No really. Even that.

Today was certainly one of those days for me.

My usual six hour day at work (outside the home kind of work) turned into ten hours. Since Grandma is our usual daycare and even Grandma has her limits, this happens pretty rarely. But as it happens, Bizy Pappa manages a restaurant and this allows for a non-typical work schedule for him. Usually he does a 10-day stint and then is home for the weekend plus Monday and Tuesday. On those days that he's home, or when he works in the evening instead of a typical 9-5 day, he takes care of the minis to give Grandma a break. Today was an at home day for Bizy Pappa, so I was able to put in an extra long day at the J.O.B. Yay.

At any rate, my next confession is that Bizy Pappa helps out quite a bit around the house. Now, mind you, he doesn't exactly do it joyfully, and sometimes the mumblings and grumblings aren't worth the hassle - but I digress and this is a post for another day. But when it comes to cookin' in my kitchen, he is in his element (clean up a whole other issue, again, for another day).

Last night B.P. took out venison tenderloin to thaw for the grill for tonight. Yum! (Yep, we're a venison household - B.P. also happens to be a Polynesian version of the Great Not-so-White Hunter.) The promise of this yummy dinner may just have been the cheese at the end of the maze for me today and my report/presentation marathon at work.

So when 2 o'clock turned into 4 o'clock, which turned into 4:30 and then five... I texted B.P. to let him know I was finally on my way and needed a drink! He texted me back to pick up some wine for the steak. Happily! Hi ho, hi ho it's off to the packie I go! I stopped at the liquor store and picked up a six pack and a box of wine - to take home to the dinner that was being cooked for me. I even paused and considered a bouquet of flowers for the hubster.

I arrived home to find the minis doing their usual high drama welcome, running out to the car to say hello... or rather scream hello. I dropped my six pack off in the fridge, set the box of wine on the counter, took care of business in the water closet, changed clothes and went outside to play soccer with the minis... while Pappa cooked dinner. Yep. I feel NO urge to prove my womanhood in the kitchen.

What about you?

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